Happy Oils is authored by Eden Aromatics’ founder, and aromatherapist, Faye Hurley, and is available in both paperback and Kindle versions via Amazon.

This is an essential guide for aromatherapy beginners, to inspire you to easily create your own safe, natural, healing aromatherapy blends. Your blends will transform physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and thereby increase happiness for both you and your loved ones.

The new knowledge and skills you will learn, can be used time and time again to help yourself and others.

There are detailed sections covering:

  • How to use essential oils to create your own blends
  • How to personalise your blends
  • Essential oils for Physical problems, including anti-ageing, tiredness, weight loss and PMT
  • Essential Oils for Mental problems, including stress, depression and insomnia
  • Essential oils for Emotional problems, including grief, low self esteem and unforgiveness
  • Lots of additional advice for preventing and treating all of the Physical, Mental and Emotional issues covered


Instead of overwhelming you with hundreds of essential oils, Happy Oils focuses on only ten; which will enable you to form a simple, manageable ‘Rescue Kit’ for your home.

If you’d love to discover how to use aromatherapy yourself, and if you believe in its natural, healing properties, this is the book for YOU!

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Spa and wellness details - Preparing an aromatherapy session, flowers, water and oils.

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