And I wanted to use this landmark as a time to reflect on everything I’m grateful for.

Do you know that GRATITUDE is one of the greatest keys to creating a life you love?

It’s true. Google it!

As the saying goes:
“You get more of whatever you focus on”

One of the best things you can do to transform your life and wellbeing is to FOCUS on 3 things you are grateful for every day.

I mean truly think about them.

It might be your children, your partner, a job you can’t wait to get out of bed for each morning (yes, there are people who are experiencing this!), your health…anything you can think of.

Focus on WHY you are grateful for them. You’ll notice that this always conjures up a positive FEELING.

It might be joy, love, freedom, peace, or something else.

When you think about those ‘grateful things’ often, you are constantly putting yourself in the positive feeling which comes with it.

And what better way to live?!

Not only that, but if you stay in that ‘positive feeling zone’, you will literally attract more and more ‘stuff’ which gives you those same positive feelings!

And, of course, the opposite is also true.

If you constantly focus on what you don’t have, you will bring more and more ‘lack’ into your life.

You’re not happy in your job, or your love life, or your finances etc. Don’t focus on those things, focus on what you do want.

So, imagine yourself in a job you love, a loving relationship, being financially free.

Think about…

Number 1: WHY you want those things.

Number 2: How they will make you FEEL.

The real reason for our desires is never about the ‘thing’ itself, it’s ALWAYS about how that ‘thing’ makes us feel.

If you start allowing yourself to feel that feeling NOW, you will attract that ‘thing’ (and similar) into your life.

If your desired ‘thing’ would make you feel joyful, allow yourself to feel joyful now, if it would make you feel free, start feeling free now.

Your thoughts and feelings are only limited by your own mind.

You can choose to feel happy now, and it will bring more of it into your life!

But it all starts with gratitude.

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