This was the first time that my family and I had ever been to Turkey, and boy, it was be-autiful!

We had a gorgeous villa and scenery, stunning beaches, and HOT weather – something we don’t know much about in the UK!

But above all else, was the way the holiday made us FEEL.

And here’s why I think holidays are ‘non-negotiable’ for improving your wellbeing:

  • They help you to relax by physically disconnecting you from the day to day issues you have
  • They put things into perspective – suddenly the huge issue you thought you had back at home doesn’t seem so big anymore. You realise just how big the wide world is.
  • They inspire you because you are enjoying new experiences – sights, sounds, smells, taste…bringing your joy back!
  • They reconnect you to nature – getting out and about, and enjoying the sun.
  • They give you time to reconnect with yourself and those you love the most – quality time chatting and just being together.

It doesn’t matter how long or short the break is… if it’s 100’s of miles away or just down the road. What matters is that you are giving yourself one of the greatest forms of self love, which is time just for YOU.

To do the things you love.

To be with the people you love.

“You cannot serve from an empty vessel”.

When you replenish yourself in the above ways, your wellbeing improves immeasurably.

My company won the award! June 2015

(Link to video – which is on Eden’s FB newsfeed)xxxxxxx

Oh my, what an evening!

I had no idea that the Chamber of Commerce had created a new award, or that I would win it!
I was happily chatting away to the lovely guy next to me, when all of a sudden my name was called!

The award is called the Special Recognition Award, and I am so grateful to have won, and is in recognition of someone who has ‘achieved against the odds by overcoming adversity’.


For those of you who don’t know, I am a survivor of 27 years of domestic abuse, and 10 years ago – once finally free – I began to attend domestic abuse recovery programs.

They started to truly transform my life.

But the funding for them was being cut.
I was devastated …that other women wouldn’t benefit from them as I had, so I made the decision to do something to help.

The short version of the story is that I created my own company – Eden Aromatics – and skincare line, not only to improve the wellbeing of my customers, but also of other women who had survived domestic abuse

My mission is to use the company’s profits to fund those immediate-response recovery programs.
Not only those ones, but also to fund healthy relationship programs to be taught within high schools (in order to prevent domestic abuse happening in the first place), and, as profits grow, to also fund women’s refuges as well.

Eden’s offerings have grown to not only being a

skincare range, but also

aromatherapy e-courses for beginners and a

12 step home study program – Worthy Woman – which helps rebuild women’s self worth, esteem and confidence.

I am so grateful for the Chamber of Commerce’s support and recognition of what Eden is aiming to achieve.

I dedicate this award to every single man, woman and child who has experienced domestic abuse, and all those who have supported Eden’s mission.

You are beyond wonderful!

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